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Only for the hardest machining:ESP special steel cutting paste is an undiluted, active paste to facilate and speed up the often very tricky cutting {and non cutting} operations on stainless steel and other high alloy, tough, hard steel and titanium, hastelloy and also sticky non ferrous metals and plastic.Effect of ESP special steel cutting paste By preventing bonding and reducing friction particularly at low cutting speeds, ESP leads in the hardest cases to a remarkable saving of man and machine hours, greatly extended tool life and better surfaces [often making finishing unnecessary]
Using ESP special steel cutting paste
ESP can be very easily applied directly from the handy tube with its tapered nozzle, which makes it clean and very economical to use.
ESP can also be diluted with an equal quantity of paraffin oil for use in oil mist lubrication [pump feed], or used as 5 to 10 % additive to normal drilling and cutting oils. In all cases ESP makes for astounding results when cutting male and female threads, Drilling, Broaching, Reaming, Sawing and Drawing Stainless steel and other high alloy steels. Lathe work is also considerably simplified by using ESP special steel cutting paste. In particular, manual operations such as pipefitting are enormously facilitated by the reduction in the power and time needed.Special steel cutting paste use it to cut for example a stainless steel thread manually or to drill. It takes only a few minutes, and will save you countless hours and tool wear.

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